Holiday Stuffing

  • : 12-23-2017 |
  • : 11795
Featuring Ryan Pitt, Nate Stone
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As Nate Stone stuffs himself with holiday cheer, he's unaware that a little elf is watching through the window. Ryan Pitt has come over to Nate's place to deliver a big Christmas package Nate is sure to love. Nate tries to act innocent but Ryan knows Nate has been a naughty boy, and that deep down, Nate's holiday wish is for just a taste of Ryan's candy cane. Ryan delivers all of that and then some as he stuffs much more than just Nate's stocking, candy coating him with his gift and making sure Nate has a white Christmas one way or another.Enjoy!

Next Door Raw

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I  really  enjoyed  this  scene !  The  new  guy  Nate  is  fucking  adorable !  Beautiful  body  and  gorgeous  eyes  and  his  lashes ........ OMG !  He  has  at  least  one  upcoming  scene  and  I  hope  many  more  after  that !  He  and  Ryan  made  for  a  great  pairing , they  played  off  each  other  beautifully !  I  read  a  few  of  the  other  comments  and  the  negative  ones  could  not  be  more  wrong !  My  ' like '  was  the  95th ....... majority  rules !  Much  more  Nate  please !
2018-01-04 13:02
Newcomer Nate Stone, is such an amazing hot guy, love his hairy chest, man nipples and of course that huge cock and hanging balls... great scene and bottom for sure. Ryan Pitt really enjoyed this newcomer Nate Stone.  Nate hope to see you back soon, you are HOT !!!!!
2017-12-30 19:02
One of the worst scenes of Next Door's very poor year. Funny for all the wrong reasons and not even remotely sexy. How do I get my money back?
2017-12-30 05:48
Just freaking awful. wtf guys!
2017-12-26 11:53
One would think that the director would be capable of giving just a teensy bit of direction to these guys.  Gay porn is, well, gay porn.  It's known for no real story line, dialogue consisting of and limited to "Oh, fuck me", etc.  But I literally laughed when I watched the very awkward opening scene with Nate.  Has this guy never had a candy cane before?  Who licks one like that?  And here's a clue: you don't really need to hold it 100% of the time with your hand. When he was pulling his pants down, was he afraid it would fall in or out of his mouth if he didn't constantly hold it there?  I'm not even going to discuss the ridiculous hats.  And how about getting some actors who are gay and actually like gay sex, and know how to do it?  Of course there's no rimming and the cock sucking was oddly reminiscent of the very awkward candy cane scene.  Thumbs down on this one... But thanks for the holiday cheese....
2017-12-23 13:39
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