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Samuel O'Toole has, among others, an eccentric artist friend who comes by from time to time peddling his paintings. Samuel likes his paintings, but he really likes his cock. Connor Maguire is not yr typical Bohemian painter. Cultured in Europe's finer schools of technique, he has come to the states to be free from rules and just express himself. Self made, he doesn't do it for the money, so when Samuel shows a keen interest in his art but comes up short financially, Connor works an agreement that will let Sammy have his cake and fuck it in the ass too.Sammy, on cue, unzips Connor's pants and pulls out his dick, immediately taking as much of the thick shaft down his throat as he can. Connor winces from the sweet ecstasy of it, and shimmies out of his pants altogether. Trading places, he begins to get Sammy good and hard, and once this is achieved, Sammy enters Connor from behind and begins to fuck like his paintings depended on it. Connor shows he can express himself in more than one medium, riding Sammy and getting more hard by the minute, cumming on the sofa as Sammy pulls out and paints his own abstract glob of art. Enjoy!

Samuel O'Toole

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Two very hot guys !! I don't usually go for red heads but Connor is different. I like tall lean men like him. He has a beautiful veiny cock and the gap on his teeth is so sexy. Sam is dark and gorgeous. His cock is beautiful too ! He needs to keep his body hair though .... he was to trimmed in this video. Just sayin' . A super sweaty scene !! Loved it !!
2015-10-23 21:52
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