Above the Ridge

  • : 07-13-2012 |
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Featuring Marcus Mojo, Adam Ridge
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It's not every day one gets a private training session with Marcus Mojo. Given his sculpted, chiseled physique, the benefits of such a session are obvious, but Adam Ridge has something else on his mind besides sit-ups. So feigning a lack of balance, he grabs Marcus by the thighs and cops a feel of his junk, only to be surprised by Marcus' apparent interest in the same thing. Half hard already at just the thought, Marcus pulls out his cock and Adam immediately sets into reps of a different nature. Bobbing on Marcus' stiff cock, Adam strokes his own dick and Marcus can't take his eyes off it, so he falls to his knees and begins sucking on the tip, working his way down the shaft and then prepping the asshole for inevitable penetration. Adam is not resistant, and so he mounts Marcus while straddling him, his dick bouncing on Marcus' chest. Cock-starved and full of temptation, Marcus flips the script, and before he knows it, Adam has Marcus bent over and is fucking his hole into moaning submission, blowing his load all over Marcus' back as Marcus cums from the pounding. What a great session, indeed!Enjoy!

Marcus Mojo

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Adam's tight ass deserves to remain unclaimed territory after the lover's fuck he performs on Marcus. Adam's sexy mouth movements glue my chin to his left shoulder!
2016-10-06 07:32
watching these 2 dudes kiss is a thing of absolute beauty
2014-12-27 15:07
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