Addiction To Friction

  • : 08-22-2011 |
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Darcy Tyler and Trystan Bull have been yearning for each other. She's a focused career woman who has allotted only a half hour to quench her desire for the one-and-only Bull. He's a savvy, urban business tycoon with one thing on his mind - sliding his fat cock into Darcy until it erupts with molten cum.

Watch these two grind, rub, lick, suck, and fuck as they take a break from their stressful lives to enjoy the pleasure that comes from body-on-body friction. This insatiable duo's passionate activity will harden your dick and bring you to the very edge of pure ecstasy.


Trystan Bull

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1 comment

look more fish on a gay web site ..except this ones a whale ..i see so many comments .just what we gay men wanted to see for sure
2014-10-10 20:47
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