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  • : 03-16-2009 |
  • : 14515
Featuring Alexy Tyler
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Meet Alexy Tyler. This week, Alexy will be showing off his hot bod and his even hotter cock. That's right, this is another awesome NextDoorMale scene, full of rippling muscles, rock hard erections and a massive amount of cum.

Alxey is a 30 year old science lab technician. When he's not being nerdy, he's out living up life at the local clubs, hitting on women and men. He loves sex!

For this scene, Alexy will be enjoying the crisp morning air while he plays with himself on the balcony. From there, Alexy takes himself into the bedroom, where he humps his down pillow before kicking back under a nearby window and shooting his cum load all over his chiseled abs.


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