All-American Rookie

  • : 06-15-2017 |
  • : 16435
Featuring Scotty Zee, Johnny Hill
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Scotty Zee is mysteriously quiet leading up to his scene with Johnny Hill, perhaps in anticipation of breaking in the new stud. Johnny is a thick chested hunk with a can-do attitude and a penchant for anal, so there's a really good chance he and Scotty will get along great, and Scotty is chomping at the bit to get a piece of this man-meat, wasting no time in stripping him out of his clothes and devouring his big cock, sucking him off as Johnny takes off his clothes. Once he's nice and hard, Johnny takes control of the situation, telling Scotty to bend over as he plunges his cock deep inside, and commencing to give a Scotty a nice hard pounding from behind. Johnny proves adept no matter the position, and Scotty is more than happy to take all the dick Johnny has to give. After bouncing Scotty on his dick, Johnny flips Scotty over and fucks the cum out of him, pulling out and dousing him with a facial, proving that he's a natural performer, and vowing to come back real soon.Enjoy!

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Damn Scotty is hot.
2018-09-25 22:08
The kissing in this scene is really the way it should be done, sensuously, not like most  man with man kissing which is usually too vigorously, like gnawing on an ear of corn.
2017-09-26 22:47
Scotty Zee does a beautiful job of sucking Johnny's dick.  I hate it when the guy being sucked doesn't reciprocate.
2017-09-26 22:43
Scotty is a supersensitive cocksucker.
2017-09-14 07:49
Johnny has a nice body, although his appearance is marred by excessive ink on his upper right shoulder and chest.  Scotty has just enough ink, while Johnny has too much.  I give him credit for mutual french kissing with Scotty, but couldn't he suck Scotty's dick just a little?   With his great cock sucking, bottoming and cum eating, Scotty was definitely the star of this scene.
2017-06-16 22:47
I agree about the french kissing.  Kissing is fetish, sadly that NDS does not tag.   Glad to see it is featured here.   To me it makes the scene hotter.   And I don't mean the after though, seemingly obligatory kiss after cumming.   Guys kissing expresses, to me, and many gay guys like me, hotness and passion.   Sometimes NDS nails it, but most often it does not.   Would like to see tags for kissing so I can sort through which videos to view and which ones to skip.   Thanks!
2017-07-26 09:44
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