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Sitting around one lazy afternoon, Drake Tyler is bored to tears with the options on TV. Tired of flipping through channels, he lets his mind wander, and instantly begins fantasizing about his buddy Connor, specifically, a trip they took a few weeks back that ended in a messy, sweaty copulation. Drake is jonesing for Connor's nice cock again, so he calls his friend and invents a strategy to get him over.

Once Connor arrives, Drake suspends all pretense and just comes out with it, imploring Connor to take him immediately. Next thing you know, Connor and Drake are making out on Drake's bed, as Drake begins stripping Connor out of his clothes, unfurling his semi-erect cock and beginning to gag on it. Connor shoves the back of Drake's head down further onto his cock, choking him with it, before flipping Drake over to moisten up his waiting hole. Connor eats Drake's ass while Drake closes his eyes in anticipation of penetration, which Connor obliges him with, shoving his cock deep inside Drake's eager hole. Pumping him doggy-style, Connor pushes Drake onto his stomach and proceeds to pile drive Drake as Drake clutches the sheets in ecstatic pleasure, before both guys lose their loads all over Drake's quivering stomach.

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Hot. hot, hot!!!
2019-06-27 09:09
Just going back thru the Drake Tyler archives. Forgot about this scene. Very hot lead in music. NDS is number one with their lead in theme music. It really sets the scenes up right. Connor and Drake are so NOT together. YUMMM!!!!
2015-07-22 09:06
Enjoyed the passion and chemistry between Drake and Connor. It's good to see so much natural electricity. All couldn't have been scripted. That's a good thing!
2015-03-02 08:47
Connor is extremely sexy when he sports facial hair. Without it, not such a turn-on for me. His last few scenes have been disappointing for that reason. Cum eating is huge turn-on for me too and of course this video dropped the ball, if you will.
2014-11-20 23:59
These two are great. Love Drake he is such a beautiful slut and really gets into it
2014-11-19 15:17
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