Austin Wilde Tops Noah Brooks

  • : 01-14-2012 |
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Austin has the young, hot and kinky Noah Brooks in his lair, and he is ready to take advantage. A self-proclaimed 'big ol' bottom', Noah shows that he can take a licking and keep on ticking, and Austin is just the man to pound that ass. Austin shows no mercy on Noah's hole, and that's just the way Noah likes it. Throwing him onto his knees with his ass in the air, Austin slides his dick in and out with heavy thrusting, finally turning Noah over so Noah can cum while Austin continues to fuck his brains out, before ultimately cumming as well as Noah sucks out every last bit.


Austin Wilde

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1 comment

I need something to always get me off, and Austin Wilde did it, and he is sexy and hot, as well...since I DO NOT LIKE YOUR HOOKUPS BULLSHIT, its a turn-off for me, now some queers, like this and those are the type of queers that me and my friends stay clear of, they are not 100% gay to us, just my opinion, since I now ONLY love AUSTIN WILDE, MORE and LONG are out since they have done HOOKUPS. My search is on for the site that is 100% Gay and not "GAY FOR PAY". Larry Sims, 2016
2016-01-12 03:06
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