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James ''Big Dog'' Jamesson and Ty Roderick have just finished a Brolic workout. Their muscles are flexed, pumped and now they are nice and loose. Winding down in the bathroom before taking a shower, they notice the cameras watching and decide to put on a show. James bends Ty over and displays his perfect pink asshole before diving in face first and going crazy. Ty then returns the favor by sucking Big Dog's dick to maximum length, then he takes James' cock deep into his ass as he straddles him on the bathtub steps. Pounding Ty relentlessly, James is ready to spew his hot load, but before he does, he puts Ty on his knees with his ass up in the air and proceeds to just wreck Ty's ass, before finally letting loose with his batch of man juice. Back to back workouts has the two of them exhausted. Best hit the showers to recharge.Enjoy!

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1 comment

Ty is the star of this one. Just the same old Jamesson.
2015-01-02 07:39
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