Back With a Bang

  • : 02-08-2018 |
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As he settles in to his new corner office, Dante Martin is visited by a blast from his past. College flame Yoel Ortiz has been MIA in Dante's life since their school days, but now he's returned, and Dante could not be more surprised or more excited. They quickly catch up and the chemistry is still apparent, even after all these years. Dante tels Yoel he hasn't broken in his new office yet, and Yoel gets a sly grin on his face as they begin to make out. Moments later, Dante is on his knees with a face full of Yoel's cock, downing it to the base as Yoel pushes his head further down onto the shaft. Yoel closes his eyes and enjoys every minute of their reunion, especially when Dante bends over and tells Yoel to take him from behind. Yoel plunges his bareback cock deep inside of Dante, who lets out a moan as Yoel tries to silence him from the rest of the office. It's to no avail, as Dante continues to make noise with every thrust of Yoel's hard cock. He pounds Dante all over his own office, fucking the cum out of Dante and pulling out to blast him with his long overdue load. Dante takes it all willingly, vowing not to let so much time pass between now and the next time the two of them hook up. Yoel agrees.


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Editor I love Dante Martin, hope you can arrange a video soon between Dante Martin and Donte Thick, both very hung guys !!
2018-04-04 00:05
California sluts! Yum . . . Dante sucks -- and how!
2018-02-17 22:05
Dante Martin is so hot! I love all of is videos.
2018-02-11 08:29
Nice scene and Yoel has a future if he loosens up a bit with his male sex partner. BTW why is this being tagged as interracial? Both models are Latino. I know Dante has tried to pass as WHITE, but he isn't. It is pretty obvious.
2018-02-08 17:51
Yoel is sexy AF. Hopefully next time he'll be more comfortable and able to keep his dick hard - I felt bad for Dante, who, as always, gives a great performance & is present for his scene partners
2018-02-08 10:48
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