Bang Buddies

  • : 08-24-2019 |
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Back from college for the summer, Jake Porter isn't surprised to see his sister's boyfriend, Dante Colle, but he is surprised at how grabby Dante is suddenly being around him. In Dante's defense, Jake looks a lot different than he did when he went away. It seems he's been hitting the gym religiously, and he's turned Dante into a believer. Jake can't believe his sister's boyfriend is into it. He's long had a secret crush on Dante, but having his fantasy so close to reality is almost too much for him to stomach. Will they be able to finish before his sister comes home from the store? Will Jake be tighter than his sister? Will Dante leave the sister for the brother? So many questions... so little time to answer them all.Enjoy!

Next Door Raw

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There is too much hate going on in this country! People need to knock it off.
2019-08-28 01:49
Good, but why no breeding?
2019-08-26 04:11
The only thing that gets me is that Porter and Dante are all over the bareback studios map and are overexposed right now so it was disappointing to see a new update with both of them.  Were all the other Next Door guys busy or is there just not a bunch of new guys avail?  Who cares what their personal and political beliefs are, we are here to Jack off and watch them bareback into oblivion.
2019-08-25 06:30
All this righteous indignation on a porn site is lame.  Just jerk off and shut the fuck up.
2019-08-25 05:55
Liked the plot of the gay hot college student getting fucked by his sister's boyfriend, and the Dante and Jake looked hot executing the plot with great sex.  As to the politics,  I agree that Trump is a racist homophobe bigot who for the country's sake must be defeated next year.  However denying a living to everyone who supports him is going too far in my view.   Jake is clearly a very hot young man who obviously is very ignorant in his politics, doing his male counterpart impression of the old stereotype of the beautiful but dumb blonde.  Look at it this way, isn't it symbolically appropriate for a young hot ignorant Trump supporter to get fucked in a gay porn video.  Just as Trump is fucking the country, lets have Dante fuck Jake as he did very well in this scene.
2019-08-24 22:00
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