Beach Bros

  • : 10-13-2017 |
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As the three of them relax on the beach, Markie More catches a glimpse of a guy with a nice sized cock and asks his buddies Johnny Hill and Pheonix Fellington if they can see how big it is. Johnny is instantly impressed by what he sees, and remarks that Markie must be really horny to spot such a specimen from so far away. Pheonix is less impressed, and instantly draws skepticism from his two bros, who tell him his cock can't be as big as that. Markie, horny as ever, declares that there's only one way to solve this dilemma. With that, the three of them head back to their flat to have it out, and Pheonix and Johnny sit with legs spread, as Markie surveys the options in front of him. He quickly begins to service them both, and immediately he sees that both Pheonix and Johnny are packing some hefty weight inside their pants. Alternating between the two massive cocks in front of him, Markie gets them both nice and hard, deep throating Pheonix's python of a dick as Johnny plunges his meat stick deep into Markie's hole. Johnny fucks Markie bareback, getting him nice and ready for Pheonix, and once he's broken in, they flip around and Pheonix takes his ass for a ride, long dicking Markie's raw hole and filling him up. The two of them take turns abusing Markie's hole before Johnny spits his load all over Markie's chest. Markie rides Pheonix until he's ready to spit his load, letting it fall all over the floor as Pheonix pulls out and blasts Markie's hole with his massive nut, as the three of them fall into a giant cuddle puddle on the sofa. Enjoy!

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If possible can Next Door Studios pair Johnny Hill and Phoenix again and make it a flip fuck? It was disappointing on this video to not see Oheonix and Johnny not have sex. It was a hot video though.
2021-01-22 15:42
There y'all go again pairing Phoenix up with unatteactive white guys.  But Phoenix made this video hot all by hisself.
2018-04-23 20:22
Rocco Fallon this scene with Markie More and Pheonix was so HOT! You can tell Markie was really into Pheonix and not Johnny. I think Johnny was a waste he could of been left out of scene. I feel bad for the model. Next Door PLEASE make more interracial porn with Markie More and DARK skinned black men. As a paying customer I can tell you this is what I want to see MORE of.
2018-03-02 13:58
At least Johnny's dick was hard.  Pheonix couldn't even get it up.  You guys are stuck on the interracial aspect.  Fact is Pheonix couldn't even perform.  He was trying to squeeze and shove his limp dick into Markie.  Then it was slipping out because it was so soft.  I'm sure Markie was playing it up for the camera
2018-03-17 21:00
I love everything about Markie except the noise he makes when sucking cock. It was particularly distracting  in this scene. However, I agree with other comments that the interaction between Markie & Phoenix was great to watch.
2018-02-11 23:34
LUV to see Markie take a sweet BBC and get bred w/ it!!!!
2017-12-30 13:35
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