Bearly Fur Real

  • : 09-06-2011 |
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Featuring Samuel O'Toole
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Step right up, ladies and gentleman, see the amazing cock-stroking man-bear! Your eyes will be amazed at this sexy, furry, playful creature who can't stop playing with himself! If you've wondered if bears get horny too, you'll wanna see the cute and loveable Samuel O'Toole rub his woody while laughing and playing.

Actually, Samuel has a new job as a high school mascot! He's leading the local crowd on weekends, cheering the team to victory. Sammy's also taken notice of the football coach and the cheerleading coach. They're both have extremely hot bodies and Samuel assumes they've probably been scoring with each other after the games. Watch Sammy's tight end as he jerks his dick while imagining a three-way formation with his hot new friends.


Samuel O'Toole

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1 comment

I think Samuel is such a talented guy with such a beautiful sensuous body, a great cock, a nice smile and a natural sense of humour, sometimes even with a funny touch of social criticism as in this one
2015-01-10 15:56
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