Becumming Brothers

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When freshman pals, Bridger Watts and Rod Peterson, receive invitations to pledge for the coolest fraternity on campus, they're stoked! But will NDX really offer everything they've heard about through myths and legends? Will there really be unlimited chicks to bang? Frat chairmen Markie More and Derrick Dime are showing them what really goes on behind the closed Greek Row doors.

Upon arrival at the NDX house, Markie More is very short with the boys, telling them to go into the living room, strip down to their underwear, and wait for instruction. Moments later, NDX President, Derrick Dime shows up in a hooded cloak, ready to begin the pledge test. Rod and Bridger are blindfolded, so all they hear are Markie and Derrick's voices. They're instructed to hold each other's dicks, which seems very strange at first. Then, after failing to correctly answer a series of trivia questions about the ancient order of NDX, Rod and Bridger are required to lick Markie's and Derrick's asses!!!

They get in there deep, making sure to please the NDX elders so they'll be accepted into the brotherhood. Next, the blindfolds come off and the blowjobs begin. Bridger and Rod suck the elder dicks as a rite of passage. Once Markie and Derrick reciprocate, Rod and Bridger begin feeling more confident about their chance of become new members of NDX.

The four are soon on the couch. Derrick squeezes Bridger's massive, bare cock into his tight hole. The guys can't believe they're doing so well at this grueling pledge initiation! What a wild ride so far! Derrick bounces on Bridger's stiff erection, and jerks Markie and Rod at the same time. Once the boys realize how good this activity actually feels, they forget for a while that this isn't supposed to be so much fun!

Next, Derrick gets down on all fours and lets Markie pound his sweet hole for a while, to let the new recruits know exactly what a proper fucking looks like. Then, Bridger takes a turn and, despite being nervous, does a great job of banging the frat president's tight ass.

And to cap off the whole pledge test, Derrick sticks his hungry hole up in the air and lets each guy fill it with their hot, meaty cum loads. Find out if Bridger and Rod make the cut in this wild, unpredictable four-man adventure, where a couple of excited freshman are getting a lesson in who rules the school!

Next Door Raw

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I know this is an older video but I have to comment, what a disappointment is was. The staging and editing was maybe the worst I've seen from NDS. I don't think we got a direct shot of Derrick's ass from behind or of Markie's entire back or ass in that whole hour of a mess that could have easily been cut to half. The camera work was way too close and extreme. The throwback to the 80's close up single shot to single area was laughable. (close up of fake Rod's pleasure face, check. Close up of Bridger face, check. Close of of Bridger giving head, check). How about instead of going back and forth between close up of face, to close up of fucking, back to close up of face, you just show the entire body or scene and the face. There were 4 actors but you could tell who the favorite was and it wasn't either 'star'.  The direction, lighting, and filming of angles were just some awful choices.  3 of my favorite models (plus that Bridger) in one scene with Derrick bottoming should have been a slam dunk. 
2019-11-11 20:29
such a hot fucking vid here ;-) came huge for this one lol, so fun
2017-09-05 16:43
Just went back for the 3rd time, can't seem to get enough of Derick especially since he is bottoming. Here is a plot for a sequel,  a homecoming reunion with former members of NDX.  All the big dick guys, Mark Long, Michael DelRay , Johnny Torque and Alex Mechum home to show Derick what he has been missing.   Just a thought, please.
2017-03-16 09:05
I don't agree with some of the above.  I like to see bottoms bottom and tops stay tops.  It was a tear in my universe to see Derrick getting fucked and that kind of gymnastic fucking has never done it for me visually.  I don't understand seeing a guy that has already cum being fucked.  I have never been able to do that.  For me I am always looking for a love scene and of course that is not what this is.  Also if I am going to see Derrick fucked I want to see those beautiful feet in full view.  He has very sexy feet for those who notice.
2017-03-03 12:45
Just went back and watched it again, still WOW.  Raw has a new power bottom  that stays hard the whole time.   Keep Derrick bottoming more often.  He sure enjoys it.  Markie seemed a little disinterested at times maybe because he wasn't the main star?   Still like them all,  great job Rocco/Martin  keep it up (NO pun intended).
2017-02-20 07:31
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