Best Friends Do It Best

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You gotta love these guys! Adam Wirthmore, Connor Maguire, and Brody Wilder are just returning home from the county fair. They had beverages, hollered at some pretty girls, and ate a few candy apples. Now they're exhausted! Brody is crashing on the bed and Connor has collapsed on the floor. Adam, however, is hosing off quickly in the shower. When he returns, he finds his buddies heavy snoozin! Adam knows from experience there's only one way to rally Mr. Brody Wilder...with a hot, late-afternoon blowjob! Sure enough, Brody comes around and wakes up to Adam's warm lips around his boner. Adam sees Connor on the floor and decides to get him involved too. He gives him the same suck treatment and soon all 3 dudes are servicing each other on the bed! Then Connor suggests Adam take a dick in the ass. Adam knows a hard pounding is the best remedy to enliven his tired body. Boy is he right! You won't believe the scorching action when Brody gets on the other end, sandwiching Connor in a triple fuck train! It's massive dicks and maximum pleasure when these hunks get frisky, silly, and horny!Enjoy!

Next Door Buddies

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They are, all, cute with beautiful bodies. I enjoyed this very much! ❤️
2021-08-17 16:44
These 3 guys are all on my favorites list ! I love Adam's sweet ass and fuzzy torso. I've loved Brody since his days at Chaos Men. His pointy little tits remind me of Hershey kisses. Yum ! I'm not sure what attracts me to Connor ........ maybe it's his sense of humor. He's funny in some of his scenes ........ the big red headed lug ! Ya gotta love em ! Great flick NextDoor ! You guys are the best !!
2016-03-10 21:41
2015-07-15 22:24
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