Best Friend's Secret

  • : 08-25-2018 |
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When Ricky Ridges sees that best friend Lance Ford has found his giant dildo, he's horrified at the thought of what Lance's reaction, but Lance tells him he's know Ricky liked guys since they were younger. Ricky's anxiety eases, but when Lance approaches him and kisses him, his heart races again. Fucking Lance has been a secret fantasy of Ricky's since he realized he was gay, and now that he's confronted with the opportunity in real life, he knows just how he'd do it. He starts by having Lance suck him off. In his fantasy, Lance can suck dick like a champ, but in reality, he realizes Lance is even better. Lance deep throats his cock and gags on it as Ricky's dick gets harder than it's ever been. He tells Lance he could fuck him right here, and bends him over on the stairs and does just that, shoving his bareback cock into Lance's hole. He fucks him from behind as Lance clings to the bannister, then proceeds to fuck Lance every way he can imagine. Lance's perfect bubble butt bounces on his cock as Ricky gives him a ride, before pile driving him from above before drenching Lance with his load. Lance's spits his load and sprays all over his stomach as they kiss to seal the deal on this new chapter in their long running friendship.Enjoy!

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Ricky is quite hot, but not a fan of inked and shaved Lance
2019-07-21 04:23
26 Aug
Hot duo
2018-08-26 05:19
the write up said blond, am I missing something? they both have dark hair and why no rimming here with both having nice asses?
2018-08-25 23:34
Both these guys just are 100% sexy with each other giving this viewer a really nice experience as I am sure for all others who  watched xxx
2018-08-25 19:45
As I've previously commented it's amazing to me, as a successful businessman, to see the ongoing inconsistency of your scenes. As they from range from some of the best in the industry to the some of the worst.  I don't understand the rationale of your owners who always ask for member comments, but don't address the same on-going negative ones. I assume that you want to grow your membership, but it appears that you're not making the efforts needed to provide your members with what they want.  Maybe I'm missing something,  but don't know what it might be. Today's scene is just another example of these on-going negative comments.
2018-08-25 13:08
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