Big Punishment

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  • : 08-30-2012 |
  • : 14025
Featuring Sam Swift, Race Cooper
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Remember this on this day: NEVER cross Sam Swift. Race Cooper's already made the mistake. He's gonna learn quick though. He better anyway. You see, Race thought he could sneak into Sam's loft and masturbate on into his pillowcase. Race always thought Sam was the hottest guy around the neighborhood and liked the idea that his own cum would be pressing up against Sam's face all night long. But when Sam caught him in the act, hell would have to be paid. Sam wrestled Race to the floor, then tied him to a diabolical-type machine that cranked him up until his mouth was level with Sam's cock. Race pretended to protest, all the while loving the feeling of Sam's hard boner in the back of his throat. Then Sam untied Race from the machine and threw him onto a mattress on the floor. Sam shoved his cock into Race's tight asshole and gave him the rest of his hard punishment. If Race learned any lesson, it was that Sam don't stand for disrespect. Enjoy!


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sam swift can fuck me anyday....
2016-04-25 03:32
Race positions himself well for good photos would like to see more of his great ass should play act a little more to create a YES SIR Drive dialogue subserviant
2015-08-03 22:10
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