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Boxer is a thick cut of muscle all alone on a weeknight. Straight from his workout and fresh from his workout, he checks himself in the mirror and then removes his towel, exposing a giant cock hanging between his legs. Leaning back on the sofa and spreading his legs, he applies some lube to his cock and then slowly starts to wake it up. As it perks up and stands at attention, Boxer spreads his fingers around the shaft, shaking it back and forth as he slowly massages the head between his index and middle fingers. Grabbing his cock firmly, he begins to work it back and forth, faster at first then settling into a nice slow rhythm, before he can hold it no longer, spewing a creamy load of man goo all over himself as his head falls back against the armrest in satisfied exasperation.



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Did we really need to leave the water running throughout the entire video? It sounds horrible. That said, Boxer is hot!
2016-04-19 00:16
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