Breakin' In The Hole

  • : 05-02-2014 |
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For Brandon Lewis, work is a bitch. It's hot, thankless, and largely without reward. So as he takes a quick break to drain the vein, and catches Dominic Reed spying on him through the bathroom's glory hole, he thinks, 'Fuck it... might as well take advantage of a perk.' Dominic, to his credit, was pretty much just waiting on someone, but he's hit the jackpot, as Brandon is hot bodied, big dicked and ready to go to town, so when he sticks his cock through the hole, Dominic quickly takes it into his hands and begins to work it before devouring it with his mouth, spitting on the shaft as Brandon pushes deeper and deeper. Dominic is happy with blowing Brandon but not satisfied, so he invites Brandon into the stall to fuck, and Brandon figures he has just enough time left on his break to oblige, so seated on the toilet, Dominic rides Brandon and works him reverse cowboy, reaching back and feeling Brandon's rippled chest as Dominic strokes himself off, before Brandon blasts his face with a well earned batch of pent up aggression. 'Now that's a working lunch,' Brandon thinks to himself as he exits the restroom.


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Model names and scene synopsis are back! Thanks guys!
2014-05-03 09:13
Ever since you've been doing these "Bonus" scenes on Friday, they are the best secen of the week!! I suspect you've been "sitting" on them, but regardless, they are hot. Brandon has been one of my favorites since the first time I saw him inn "White Hot" on Falcon. Good show!!!
2014-05-02 17:27
Again no model listing or description of scene. Very disappointing
2014-05-02 15:38
Hey Nextdoor guys check out this hot new scene that will leave you wanting more. Let us know how you liked this one. Ryan Knight ND
2014-05-02 13:57
FYI, I was on the site for hours 2 days ago having a great time exploring scenes, when I liked an actor I could click on their name and get all info on them and other scenes. Then yesterday, just one day later, it was all gone and all was very irritating. I am a new member, first month, and have been loving the site but with this lack of honestly simplistic information may not remain. Think you will loose many other members as well.
2014-05-02 12:05
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