Bro Hike

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James is showing Dominic his private hiking trail on a blistering sunny day. It's a long walk to the destination but it's James' private place where you can lay out and be naked all day long without any worries. They finally reach their resting area and take off their heavy backpacks. They are shirtless already and Dominic has taken notice of James' ripping abs. James can tell he wants to touch them so he grabs his hand and lets Dominic explore his sexy body. His hands run up and down James' chest and back down to unzip his pants where his big fat uncut cock flops right out into Dominic's face. He takes it deep into his mouth so James' balls are resting on his chin as he fucks Dom's eager mouth. James loves to bring his buddies out here and he pulls this same trick on all his friends without fail. Dominic can feel his own cock coming to life so he gets out of his pants thinking James will blow him. James just wanted him naked so he could bend that sweet tight ass over and get balls deep in Dominic. James mounts him slowly and takes it easy on such a tight little ass. The pumping is almost too much for him to bear so he flips him over onto his back for more comfort. With legs spread wide Dominic is taking that fat throbbing cock all the way in like a champ. It's super-hot and they are both sweating like pigs so they decide to jack off on one another. Using their spit as lube they both blow creamy loads all over Dominic's chest.


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Seems James has been into the 'roids if the stretch marks and bulging six pack are any indication. Once again another str8 actor in gay for pay porn. It is bad news. If he wants to do gay porn then suck some dick, rim some ass and kiss his partner in crime. Why should str8 guys be paid when there are plenty of good looking gay guys out there who need the money? Even Zeb Atlas sucks dick!!!!
2017-02-21 09:30
Wooh every video of James huntsman is so hot, even he is doing Gay4pay, i enjoyed that big cock and hot body of him, the tattooes on his body whooh, makes him one of the best at NDworld
2017-01-08 15:42
James, my all time favorite. soooo hot!!
2016-06-25 00:14
Why James never suck cock?
2015-02-25 14:52
James is straight. Can't you see that?
2015-05-13 13:14
Yes, I can see that James is str8, he is one of the reasons I will not watch, I get off on gay men, not str8 men. Str8 men just don't have the look of the gay man sex look, and I check, if I see that you ever did hookup, I will not watch you ever!
2015-11-18 14:21
I am happy to see James is getting beefier and beefier. He is the main reason for my subscription to ND. Muscular, blond, and with the right amount of tats: male perfection.
2014-10-13 16:56
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