Bros Before Hoes

  • : 11-24-2017 |
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When buddies Quentin Gainz and Eric Turner make their way over to their bros house to see what's happening, they can hardly believe what they see through the window: their boy Gunner half naked and sucking off fellow bro Zay Hardy in the dining room. Seeing that they are clearly unashamed, Quentin and Eric decide they might like to join them, so instead of knocking, they burst through the door and confront their bros with the proposition. Gunner and Zay both seem into it, and so Gunner resumes his position on the table while Zay and Eric take turns face fucking him. Quentin makes his way to Gunner to suck on his cock, and as Gunner deep throats Eric for the first time, Eric realizes what a great idea this was after all. Breaking down into pairs, Eric returns the favor to Gunner while cock hungry Quentin goes to work on Zay's big cock. Gunner pulls his cock out of Eric's mouth and suggests they all go upstairs to take it further. Once there, Quentin mounts Gunner's raw cock, slowly easing his way onto it and then riding him gently at first as Zay and Eric look on. Zay slaps his dick on Eric's face as Gunner starts pumping harder. Once he's had his fill of Quentin's ass, he calls for Eric, bending him over and taking him to pound town as Quentin continues to suck off Zay. Gunner fucks Eric hard and Zay is ready to burst his load, but Quentin isn't satisfied 'til he gets to do some fucking, so turns the tables on Gunner and lays him out, shoving his dick deep inside and going full throttle as Zay and Eric both stroke themselves dry. They spit their loads watching as Quentin fucks the cum out of Gunner. He shoots all over his tanned abs as Quentin pulls out and drains his cock all over Gunner's hole. Coated in jizz, they all decide this is something that should be more of a regular Saturday thing. Enjoy!

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Guess I'm in the minority here. I thought it was really hot when Quentin fucked Gunner with Eric & Zay enjoying the view and masturbating while watching. Something about their voyeurism turned me on: two hunks focused on what was happening on the same bed! If everybody's busy at once all the time, I find somethings missing! Loved this one!
2018-07-20 04:42
That was a foursome? More like 3 1/4. What the F was Zey even there for? The three of them were doing just fine. The three others were good, especially Gunner & Quentin. Of course Quentin and Gunner's chemistry was amazing. Big fail on Zey's part. I see that when he performs as Zay he has no trouble doing more. So fire Zey and hire Zay. I can't believe you could not have found a fourth person who would have jumped in with these three and been an equal (if not more) participant. Anyway, overall good.
2018-01-30 21:34
Great hot scene idea that could have been executed a bit better. More masculine dialogue during sex. I would also have liked to see some of the guys reluctant at first and nervous to try it. They jumped in it so quick. I just would like to see more seduction. Otherwise I enjoyed it.
2017-12-16 11:59
Great scene. Gunner and Quentin are hot together. The flip-flop between them was excellent!
2017-12-03 11:04
Strike two for Zey,  he does stay hard and has a great cum shot BUT  time to take one  in one hole  at least.   Stay and  play or walk away.
2017-11-25 06:24
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