Brothers in Bed

  • : 08-02-2018 |
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As Blake Hunter readies himself in the bathroom, step-brother Ty Derrick asks to borrow an iron, but lingers as he looks a little too long at brother Blake's ass. Giving in to a temptation that has been growing inside him ever since their parents got married, Ty reaches out and rubs his hand along the outer seam of Blake's crack. Blake turns almost expectantly, asking Ty if there's anything else besides the iron that he wants. Ty tells him yes, and Blake leads him back to his bedroom. Once there, Blake shows brother Ty all the ins and outs of the ol' in and out, as he sucks Ty off and then offers up his ass. Blake mounts Ty's hard dick as he rides him raw, and Ty remarks that Blake seems like he's done this before. Smiling, he flips Blake over and and fucks him til he's ready to cum. He nuts all over his brother's hole as Blake jerks his load all over himself. Two brotherly blasts for the price of one! Enjoy!

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Blake is lovely that hairy ass crack, keeping men cuming
2019-07-20 07:47
Blake Hunter is soooooo beautiful. I like that he's got bigger and what I wouldn't do to loose myself in his ass.
2018-08-08 05:41
Blake and that beautiful PHAT ass should be FUCKED BY A MAN, not a boy, that ass is built for a MAN!!!!
2018-08-03 23:53
While I love that NDS produces so many scenes a week, perhaps a change is in order. Instead of mass producing the scenes, focus on the actual content. Spend time finding new talent that enjoy performing. We are subjected to the same guys over and over again, between this site and AD. I think you worry about keeping up with the scenes but should spend more time on recruitment. There is a "Gay" site out there that only produces 1 hardcore scene per week and let me just say, its usually horrendous. Poorly shot, bad editing, you name it. But....they seem to find the hottest guys. Sometimes, with content as in life, less is more:)
2018-08-03 22:52
you can work for them if you want yoou seem ou are really good to said to others what to do
2021-12-30 19:29
If one compares the picture of Blake with Blake in this scene, it appears that a lot of pounds have been put on.  As for the plot, rather than a step-brother plot, a better and more realistic one would have been Ty as the gay escort and Blake as the older fatter client.
2018-08-03 21:53
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