Buddies Casting: Brock Avery

  • : 10-16-2014 |
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Brock Avery is on the couch, looking to earn his Buddy stripes and eager to meet Markie More. Harboring more than just a small crush on Markie, Brock has anticipated his meeting with the Casting host for quite some time now, and he makes the most out of their time together. Visually bursting at the seams, Brock peels out of his clothes and strips Markie naked, falling to his knees and taking Markie's hard cock deep down his throat, before bending Markie over and eating his perfect ass. Markie then flips Brock onto his back and gives him some wet, sloppy head, before sliding his rock hard cock deep into Brock's waiting ass, pounding him doggy style as Brock's eyes roll back into his head with pleasure. Not content with just bottoming, Brock shows his versatility when he bends Markie over, fucking him from behind and then missionary before he gets blasted with cum all over his stomach, leaving both guys in agreement that this definitely should not be their last meeting.


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Jay Carter
Some of you guys are really harsh with how you feel about Brock.  My God.  Settle down!  He is stripping down for your pleasure.  Say that he isn't your fantasy guy and try not to be so mean.  He is hot to some of us.  Just mean to say things about the mole on his nose.  Rude.  I bet most of you aren't perfect.  How can you be so incredibly critical.  Maybe the models read what you say.  Hurtful.  Don't do that.  How about if they all go away?  Then what?  Be a little more kind.  There are real people behind the videos.
2017-06-17 01:49
HOT!! LOVE the flip flop. But ALL Markie's scenes should be BB
2014-11-18 16:38
Markie is a star not only is his bod perfect but he's verbal and expressive. And he knows how to suck cock and fuck. Hes great in every scene.
2014-10-24 14:08
I have watched this video again. It has grown on me. Anything with Markie in it is FANTASTIC, but I had my reservations about Brock. Now he isn't as gross as I originally thought. Nice fucking and intensity to the scene. Lots of kissing. Love it actually now. After being repulsed now I don't believe I would kick Brock out of bed. Or is it I am just extra HORNY this morning? LOL!!!
2014-10-20 12:01
Very hot and intense!!
2014-10-18 14:53
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