Buddies Casting: Diego

  • : 04-01-2015 |
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Featuring Markie More, Diego A
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Markie and crew stray from form for this audition, as there's a new production assistant down in the basement that Markie's had his eye on all week. Diego is a ripped stud who was hired for his muscle behind the lens, but Markie's got an idea so crazy it just might work. He leads Rocco downstairs for a casting ambush on the new guy, telling him that he could make a lot more money in front of the camera. Diego is clearly nervous at the prospect, but also intrigued, which tells Markie that this game is on. Moments later, Diego is shirtless and coming out of his pants as Markie is leaning him against a table and sucking him off. The contours and contrasts of Diego's body become more dramatic in the bright lights, and he seems more than willing, as he returns the favor to Markie, laying him down and sucking him off, before letting Markie pound him from behind. Diego takes the dick like a natural, jerking his cock while riding Markie reverse, then spitting his load all over himself as Markie pulls out and christens him with his first on-screen splash. It's a new look for Diego, but one he wears well. Whether he continues or goes back to stacking sandbags depends on you.


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Hallo Martin, where is Diego, like this guy he is so hot, but of late i did not see him anymore, did he take a brake at NStudios for now... missed him, he was one of my favorite man......!!
2017-03-08 07:45
Love Markie. He is one of your hottest guys. I would have love to See Diego top him
2016-04-03 13:55
this model is clearly BLACK! Is NDS racist? You never heard of the term BLACK LATINO? Contrary to popular belief there are millions of black people in the western hemisphere whose first language is SPANISH not ENGLISH! Go to Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and many other nations. This model is clearly a BLACK MAN. So why the racism NDS?
2016-01-13 02:08
Maybe that's how the model described himself. I once asked another porn site, why a particular model was listed as a top, when all or most of his videos had him bottoming. I was told that was because the model described himself that way. The same for bodybuilder vs gymnast and swimmer's build. So, I suspect that ethnic description is done that way, too. It has nothing to do with racism.
2016-10-18 15:03
Now, I spoke on this vid, before and I am somewhat upset, now everyone has his or her opinion if they like something or not, but one should be very honest to why they don't like someone or thing, it only fair to the person(s), place or thing, if you hide must, if not all will call you names, and you don't want that, or do you. Look it is sexy when a guy who is white or any color has sexy with another color...g-d is it sexy and hot. Larry Sims
2015-12-31 16:35
Pretty hot, but description isn't quite accurate. Maybe the person writing the descriptions should watch the scenes first
2015-12-30 21:39
Exactly the model Diego is clearly black.
2016-01-13 02:17
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