Buddies Casting: Micahel Molotov

  • : 08-19-2015 |
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Back on the couch with host Markie More, and this time up, he's got a real freak on deck. Michael Molotov is a ripped bad boy who is down for whatever, with a particular fetish towards bukkake and cum. Straight from Michigan, this motor city stud with smooth skin and chiseled abs has certainly got Markie's motor revvin', as Markie falls to his knees and takes Michael's cock deep down his throat. Michael shoves Markie's head further down onto his shaft, before the switch, and it's Markie's turn to fuck Michael's mouth, before turning him over and eating out his perfect ass. Michael strokes his dick as Markie tongues his hole, and he gets good and worked up to pound Markie, which Markie is more than willing to accommodate. Michael fucks Markie doggie style, grabbing his shoulders and thrusting deep inside of our host, as Markie feels every pleasurable inch. Then they switch up, and Markie lay on his back as Michael fucks Markie to the verge of explosion. Unable to hold it any longer, Markie leaps up from his back and douses Michael with a healthy facial, but turn-about is fair play, and so Michael stands up and blasts Markie with a gargantuan load, returning the favor.As both guys wipe themselves clean, it becomes apparent that Michael's loaded with talent, but will it be enough to make the cut? You decide.


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Guys who insist on disfiguring their beautiful faces with hardware are enigmas.
2016-04-14 19:06
I agree that Michael should bottom and get a facial. I loved watching Markie get a facial also. More please! :D

I love facials and cum swallowing so it would be nice to count on the tags and for the site to have more facials and cum swallowing vids
2016-03-28 13:03
P.S. this was an audition. have any of these other virgins ever been on a REAL cattle call ? this guy below isn't a horny gay man; he is a personal shopper !
2016-03-15 06:54
NAKE THE CUT INDEED ! 5 stars 4 thumbs UP! this guy deserves a poster in your lobby.. and this is from someone who threw a real RUSSIAN MOLOTOV at the berkin wall. as for nancy down below complaining about underwear.
dior himself wasn't that picky and he died in bed with a trick at badenbaden.
2016-03-15 06:48
Michael is hot but I have to agree that with that bubblelicious butt of his, he needs to be fucked hard and then get a facial in the end! He's a natural pig and I was hoping he'd be back...please bring him back to showcase his versatility...
2016-01-03 14:36
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