Buddies Casting: Orlando Fox

  • : 07-22-2015 |
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Markie's got his hands full with this wild one, as Orlando Fox storms onto the scene and awaits him on the casting couch. A part time stripper, Orlando has the moves to get Markie excited, and a well hung dick to back up the tease. Orlando starts by grinding on Markie with a little lap dance action, which gets Markie hard right from the jump, so Orlando falls to his knees and begins to suck off the host, staring into his eyes as he pops Markie's head in and out of his mouth. Markie returns the favor, gagging on Orlando's giant meat stick, before mounting the newbie and letting him have his way. As Markie rides, Orlando runs his hands up Markie's chest, thrusting away with his huge cock, before they switch up, and it's Markie's turn to be in the driver's seat. Markie bends Orlando over and takes him from behind, before flipping him over and pounding away as he strokes Orlando's cock, fucking the cum right out of his partner and then dousing him with a facial of his own, which Orlando takes like a champ before diving back in for seconds. Surely Orlando has the desire to make the cut, but whether or not he comes back is entirely up to you!


Next Door Casting

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I visited a few other sites, and this feature of Next Door Casting is somewhat unique so far as I know. What a great idea! I love the interviews and the "try out" scenario. Thank you!
2022-04-29 18:23
Good to watch a model who can let himself go. Orlando can pace himself, the viscera is to die for, and the buttocks are very expressive - not that common in models. Thank you. XXXXXXX Bobba
2020-12-24 20:40
So hot. Loved these two together.
2020-09-12 23:59
My gosh that was a hot scene I was jerking off while watching. Orlando made me cum hard what a cum scene
2016-02-24 15:44
My smoke detector went off this scene was so hot !! Orlando and Markie really seemed to enjoy each other which is always a big plus ! Orlando appears to be a big guy ..... he's got an awesome body and big cock ! He sure knows how to suck a dick ( as does Markie ) Loved the cum eating ! We don't see enough of that . I do hope we see more of Orlando in the future . As I write this there are three thumbs down for this video . I guess some dudes are just hard to please ..... to bad . This was a truly a boner inducing scene for me !! Great job NextDoor great job !!
2015-11-19 21:00
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