Buddy Rub

  • : 08-04-2016 |
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Featuring Arad, Jake Davis
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Luckily for Jake Davis' ailing back, new gym buddy Arad specializes in therapeutic massage. What Jake doesn't know is that Arad is also fluid in sensual massage as well, so Jake is taken aback when Arad transitions from one to the other. To Arad's credit, he didn't come over to take advantage of Jake, but once he sees Jake's beautiful, bubble butt, Arad just can't help himself. He stares at Jake's ass as Jake lay on his stomach, eyes closed, and Arad decides to just go for it, licking up from Jake's balls all the way up his crack. Jake is startled and asks Arad what he's doing, but Arad assures him everything is fine, and Jake allows it to happen, trusting Arad's touch. Arad goes back to massaging Jake's hole with his tongue, slipping a finger in Jake's hole as they 69 each other, Jake gagging on Arad's hard cock. With his back feeling much better but his cock feeling hungry and horny, Jake concedes to Arad fucking him, so he mounts himself on Arad's hard cock as Arad pounds him from behind, first in doggy, then in reverse cowboy. Arad fucks Jake hard before turning him over. Jake is rock hard and ready to cum, so Arad gives him a few more power strokes as Jake lets his nut fly all over himself, just as Arad pulls out and blasts him with a load up and down his stomach. Jake admits Arad's techniques are a bit unortodox but has to concede that his back feels much, much better.


Next Door Buddies

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One of the handful of scenes I absolutely love with condoms. Would you possibly do a remake without a condom?
2020-11-16 15:59
It would be better if the supposed naive guy was not already wearing 'nextdoor' underwear
2017-11-11 11:46
Such a hot scene.  So many cum worthy moments!
2017-09-16 13:40
There is a reason why I get instant WOODIES overtime I see Jake in action. Same with Arad. More of Jake please. HE is much better utilized on a high class site such as NDW. Please keep him working here.
2016-09-11 14:15
More, more, more of Jake Davis. I can't get enough of him. Perhaps some dirty talk in future scenes?
2016-09-02 08:37
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