Call Me Daddy

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Hiding out in a hotel room paid for with a lifted credit card, Christian Bay figures it's only a matter of time until his mom's boyfriend catches up to him, but what he didn't count on was how mad he'd be when he finally does. Mark Long is tired of playing Christian's games, so when he confronts Christian in the hotel and Christian gives him lip, Mark decides it's time to mete out some punishment, bending Christian over his knee. Christian can't believe he's getting spanked like a toddler by someone his own age, but Mark is relentless in his action, stripping Christian's shorts off and smacking his bare ass. What Mark didn't expect was how turned he'd get from playing 'Daddy'. Mark rubs Christian's ass and soon enough, he's got his pants down around his ankles, with Christian sucking him off. Mark's giant cock chokes Christian as he deep throats it, and once he's nice and hard, he decides to give Christian a little more punishment, bending him over and shoving his dick inside Christian's waiting hole. Mark fucks Christian hard, giving a nice raw dicking that makes Christian moan from pleasure, fucking him all over the bed in every position before pulling out his raw cock and wetting Christian with a load to remember. As Christian lay cum covered and exhausted, Mark smiles, anticipating a much smoother relationship with his potential step-son from here on out. Enjoy!

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Mark represents in this yet another "I'm a straight guy" scene. This scene is such a turn on with Christian also representing as  make-believe son who "knows how to ride Daddy's dick."!
As for Mark doing a scene with a black model, let Mark and his model partners mutually agree to that. Diversity should be natural and authentic and white, black, brown and yellow adult models should make their own choices in order to keep it 100. 
2018-05-02 15:07
Mark Long is the hottest and the BEST model this studio has. Yet I got to ask when is Mark Long going to do a video with a dark skinned black man? I would love for Mark Long to bottom for Pheonix Fellington, Can Next Door ask Pheonix to comeback?
2018-04-07 04:02
hot scene!
2018-01-14 00:28
Another dull scene from Mark Long who hides behind the '"straight guy" act so as to not have to engage with his partner. Do you really think we are fooled by this rubbish?
2017-10-26 12:14
you obviously were since you're here bitching about it.  if Mark Long isn't your taste - don't look - stare at the trailer park looking Ryan jordan.
2019-11-30 11:36
Read through all the comments and they are right on.  Just watched for the 2nd time and  am in love with these two.  Mark is great as always and Christian  knows how to ride a  dick.  WOW !!!  Need a new mini series with these two.   Great job ND.
2017-08-22 07:21
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