Calling The Pocket

  • : 12-28-2010 |
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It was Brandon Lewis's idea to play pool that day. He knew his ol' pal Samuel O'Toole was housesitting for the family at the end of the block. Samuel was open to the idea. He loved pool. But there was something about what Brandon said that threw him off. ' cue stick sure could use some action.' Samuel didn't understand this comment because he knew Brandon didn't own a stick. He always borrowed Samuels. Little did Samuel know, Brandon had an alterior motive.

Lately Brandon had been noticing Samuel's ass. He had taken to wearing tighter pants and had been hitting the gym more often. When Brandon finally showed up at the house, his dick was already hard. Samuel recognized the look of lust in his eye. The two boys stripped down and Brandon promptly wrapped his mouth around Samuel's behemoth, throbbing cock. After that, as Samuel was enjoying Brandon's tight asshole, he understood what Brandon had meant earlier about his 'cue stick.'


Samuel O'Toole

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Love the kissing and undressing at the beginning. Instaboner!
2019-09-13 11:14
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