Cast Away

  • : 03-25-2011 |
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Marcus Mojo is feeling a bit mischievous. He's cooked up a scheme to get his friend James Jamesson over for a little fun. On the phone, he tells James he's been in a painful skateboarding accident and could use a nice rub down to ease the tension.

James is more than happy to help a pal in need, so he shows up ready to lend his magic touch. While giving a friendly foot massage, James notices something fattening up in Marcus's shorts. Upon closer inspection, it turns out Marcus has indeed been 'growing' to like this rub down! James decides he could use a little care himself and pulls out his fat cock for Marcus to suck. And since Marcus's shorts are already off, James figures his friend might enjoy a nice tongue in his ass to soothe his pain. Watch these two young studs finish each other off with an epic jerk session and a glorious tension release. After the fun, check out James's reaction when Marcus tells him his leg wasn't injured in the first place! What a sucker!


Marcus Mojo

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1 comment

Marcus is such a scamp ! He can play a trick on me anytime he wants to
and twice on Saturday. Fuck -- he can pick the day !!
2015-05-04 21:15
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