Casting Audition: Brian Adams

  • : 08-06-2019 |
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Brian Adams is excited to be here and he's only 24 years old. He tells us some of his sexual fantasies and some adventures he has been in. He may be straight but he is very open minded and he has even had a sexual encounter with a sexy transgender. If our members like him we will bring him back and see how far he really wants to go. He has one big fat cock that he strokes until he lets loose a huge warm load all over his chest.

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Hey guys, cut Brian a break.  To me his like an everyday Joe kind of guy.  Very masculine and verile. I get tired of looking at porn videos where everyone looks like they just stepped out of a model magazine, with their rips and tats.  I think he will work well for NDS. GREAT COCK! Look forward to see if how he develops.
2020-03-17 07:21
I left NDs because of the awful, personal, comments on here from some of the members. I came back for some of my favourite models promising myself that I would not look at the puerile comments. Until I saw how many thumbs down this guy got, then I just had to look and see what people thought was wrong with him. Problem is that the nay sayers don't seem to have a real reason. Get a life guys. So he's gay for pay - so what - as long as he performs. And did it occur to anyone that Olivia might be his sister?
2020-02-03 09:51
I wonder who Olivia is, that her name earns a giant tattoo over his heart.  Is this guy a gay-for-pay actor?  I only ask because it appears he's at least had a significant relationship with Olivia, and here he is performing in a variety of sexual roles with other men.  He might as well be wearing his wedding ring as not finding a way to cover up his giant tattoo, "Olivia.
2019-10-02 01:15
I am not content with all the complaints from other guys at the newcomer Brian Adams in the Auditions video.....BRIAN has a great body and huge 9" man piece.... His body is amazing hot...he will prove to be a hot dude in the future guys !!  Don't complain too much....
2019-08-21 01:13
This newcomer at Auditions is very hot..He looks like ARGOS from Chaosmen and, same chest hair, big cock and face look.  Like Brian Adams, hope he will return soon back at NDS in a bareback video movie...
2019-08-21 01:09
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