Casting Audition: Dimitri Kane

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Coming to us from the Jersey Shore by way of Florida, Dimitri Kane's a hairy-chested stud who's ready give the Next Door Casting couch his best shot! Markie is visibly into Dimitri's tanned body, running his fingers over Dimitri's nipples before kissing down his chest and unzipping his pants. Markie sucks him off immediately and Dimitri starts to sweat, pushing Markie's head further down onto his cock. Dimitri returns the favor, deep throating Markie on the sofa until he's good and hard. With Markie fully erect, the guys spoon as Markie enter from behind, pumping Dimitri hot and hard before throwing him on the floor and taking him to PoundTown, population: Dimitri Kane.

Thoroughly fucked sideways, it's Dimitri's turn to show what he's got, and so he lays Markie out on the floor and gives him some of the east coast cock, filling Markie up as he strokes himself to climax on the floor, jizzing all over himself has Dimitri pulls out and blasts the host with a continental load that's sure to please.


Disclaimer: It is with the utmost respect that we have decided to release this previously unseen footage. At only 20 years old, the late Dimitri Kane had already garnered a strong fan following for his passionate performances and we believe he would have wanted his work to eventually be made available to his fans. Dimitri, you left too soon, may you rest in peace.

Next Door Casting

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Would like to see pink hole of Dimitri as we could on Markie. No rimming :(
2021-11-13 16:45
Dimitry Kane, Rest in Peace dear brother, you are 1 of the hottest guys who worked for Nextdoor studios in the past... We are missing you a lot since you passed away..... We will remember your hot body and smile more with a laugh than with a Tear......Dimitry Kane...!
2018-10-01 17:36
Dimitry Kane, I always remember you as a guy with great looking tattoos all over your body, nice smile,  hot (suckable) man nipples, and a huge man piece in your tight jeans, which every man could dream off....   love you BRO  !!!     xoxoxo
2017-09-18 18:02
Dear KANE Dimitry, we still missed you for sure, since you passed away on November 21st 2015 in a suicide case in Florida state, you will be still remembered by me and others Bro,  R I P   !!!
2017-09-18 17:46
Should this video even be UP on the site Martin? Come on this is almost the one year anniversary of the young man death.
2016-11-19 20:01
Yes its over a year now that Constantine  Moriatis, alias Dimitry Kane passed away and for sure he is still in our hearts..... We shall always remember this cute sexy guy..... If you are in New Jersey state, you can visit his gravestone  at the "GREENWOOD CEMETRY"  at 1800 Hamilton Ave. in New Jersey,  this is in the vicinity where his parents house is in New jersey........
2017-02-17 21:05
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