Casting Audition: Ivan James

  • : 09-02-2015 |
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Featuring Markie More, Ivan James
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New house, new location, new stud. Same hard pounding action. That's what Markie and the team promise as they break in a new set and break in a new stud. Waiting out by the pool is Ivan James, a beefy hunk of a brunet with ripped arms, a hulking chest and a rock hard cock eager to explore.

Ivan has never been with a guy before, but what he lacks in experience he more than makes up for with excitement. Markie's energy is palpable as they get to know one another, and that energy gets ramped up as Ivan pushes Markie's face down onto his 7' dick. Markie gags on Ivan's girthy giant, as Ivan swells up and begins to loosen up a bit. Switching roles, Markie stands over Ivan and fucks his mouth, as Ivan plays with Markie's hole while spitting on the head of Markie's cock. Hard and wet, Markie is ready to test drive Ivan's virgin ass, mounting him from behind as Ivan rides Markie, grinding his bubble butt up and down on Markie's shaft, before turning the tables on our host and bending him over, plunging his thick cock deep inside Markie's waiting ass, and proceeding to pound him mercilessly before dropping his load all over Markie's perched cheeks.

Markie is exhausted, but has just enough energy left to meekly give Ivan his sign of approval. Thumbs up from Markie, but does Ivan have enough to win you over?

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Ivan is hot enough to have his own website!  He just oozes masculine sexuality, and I love his southern drawl.  Where is he from?  They don't get much hotter than him!
2017-05-27 01:10
2016-12-14 20:03
Ivan apparently spends lots of time on Active Duty with Quentin Gainz, not over here, I'm sad to say. When you see Ivan's stiff cock, you know why Quentin likes to bottom with him raw!
2016-11-13 08:14
Markie is the luckiest "host" I've ever seen, to be the first to access this modern day Hercules for NDW. This is like winning the adult porn lottery!
2016-11-12 11:18
Markie, teach Ivan what you meant about being "open to the camera" he isn't experienced like you to keep a third eye on what body parts the cameraman is aiming at. This is very important, because we want to see what's at work, not his navel.
2016-10-23 05:02
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