Casting Audition: Jordan Boss

  • : 01-06-2016 |
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Packing an extra helping of confidence, not to mention a healthy sized cock, Chicago native Jordan Boss joins Markie for his NDS debut, but he's anything but timid in his coming out party. Jordan likes it a little rough and a little adversarial, and he instructs Markie not to take it easy on him, so Markie obliges, shoving Jordan down on his meaty cock as the newbie deep-throats our host, then sitting on his face in and grinding on Jordan's tongue as Markie sucks him off. Jordan bends Markie over the side of the bed and proceeds to fuck him silly, grabbing him buy his waist and shoulder and pounding without relent. Markie is visibly turned on by the rough treatment, making sure to return the favor as he bends Jordan over and fucks the cum right out of him before coating him in a second, thick load, which Jordan takes like a champ, leaving very little doubt that he has what it takes to join the rank and file at NDS on a more permanent basis. But does he have that special something the members are looking for? You decide.

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Always like seeing Markie get fucked.  And this guy, Jordan, is a delight.  A body with a charming attitude as well as open to whatever happens.  I love a guy like that.  These two are good together.  Please, thumbs up for Jordan and wanna see much more of him in all types of videos.  And more pec worship on Markie.  Lots of licking, sucking and squeezing.  They're a delight to see - always.  Nice pink nipples.  Wow.
2017-01-31 11:15
I like Jordan Boss. He is very cute.
2016-09-30 19:39
Markie and Jordan are a good match. Thanks. Always have loved watching the gorgeous Markie More in anything. Hey, how about some more pec sucking and playing with Markie's tits? They are beautiful.
2016-04-13 19:06
Not many new guys would say their favorite act is ass kissing. He should have been shown doing what he likes best a little more and maybe grow a beard to help that be perfected
2016-01-20 22:31
LOTS more of Jordan, please. Beautiful man, beautiful load: What could be hotter?
2016-01-18 17:17
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