Casting Audition: Xavier Cole

  • : 10-01-2019 |
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Featuring Xavier Cole
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Xavier Cole thinks he has what it takes to get into the adult industry. He is a very good looking young man who spends quality time at the gym and in his past relationships they have told him he would be great in porn. He loves to be naked in general and now he wants to see how far he can go. Our casting agent gives him the breakdown and then leaves the room so he can get hard. Once he comes back Xavier has his hard dick in his hand and our agent is ready to get this casting going. Xavier isn't scared and he looks very comfortable as he strokes his big fat cock. I don't want to spoil the casting but our agent and Xavier get into some friendly touching. Come watch the scene and see if Xavier Passes or FAILS.

Next Door Casting

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Passed: Tall solid body to climb up on and go for a cock ride...his ass play - revealing a nice pink hold was a surprise...get him some toys!
2020-06-25 18:30
For those who want more of Xavier, go on MEN; he has some videos; one great, very great with Diego Sans; just that video justify membership to MEN, even though it's 45USD, so 79$CDN. Expensive but with such a lot of great models. it's a plus value. Xavier and Diego are breathtaking.. Even though, I like better Nextdoorstudios that came my overall favorite gay porn site for the last 30 years of gay porn. Even that video with Xavier and Diego is stunning, If I would have to choose between Nextdoor and MEN, I would choose Nexxtdoor without a second of hesitation. Nextdoor is a great great gay pornsite...
2020-05-30 10:52
Very very sensual lips, nice lightly hairy chest, beautiful hairy trail and bush. And what a cock, ! hard and beautiful.
Strong and beautiful hands with strong long fingers. I love this model; I'd like to have sex with him like
I never wanted with any guy on a porn site for over 30 years now. I don't know absolutely why but this
man would be MY MAN !!!! Of all thousands and thousands of men, teens twinks I saw, HE would be
MY VERY FIRST CHOICE ; and don't ask me why, I can't tell you but he talks to me
like any other man never did before. He makes more than my day and made me cum twice
while he was casting. Surprise of my life. AB-SO-LU-TLY UN-EX-PEC-TED !!!!!! Fantastic.
Thanks Xavier !!!
2020-05-25 18:02
WOW !!!  He is porn ready.  He is very sexual.  I love his smile, body, butt, cock and his huge nuts.  The butt play looked great.  I could see that he would like to be on the bottom.  Please get him in a bottom scene soon.
2020-02-07 17:28
Make sure whatever you do. never ever tilt down to show a models feet. Never, ever do that.
2019-12-03 19:20
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