Caught Creepin'

  • : 03-09-2012 |
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Featuring Marcus Mojo, Duke Ryder
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Marcus Mojo is a light sleeper. Duke Ryder is a total creeper! Marcus is taking a little afternoon nap in his favorite pair of undies when his friend Duke sneaks into the house. Duke brought his video camera in hopes of capturing some video of his sexy friend Marcus to beat off to later. But when he finds Mojo sleeping, Duke decides to get hands-on!As he's just about to get a mouth full of his dozing friend's dick, Marcus wakes up. To Duke's surprise, Marcus tells him to keep going! Duke can hardly believe his ears, but doesn't wanna question an invitation like this. Watch him slurp hard on Marcus's firm cock, then switch places when Marcus pushes him down on the couch for some payback for the sneaking. Duke's taking Marcus's enlarged meat deep. Check out the insanely hot body on Mojo as he thrusts into Duke's mouth. Then it's time for Duke to get a hard fucking from the cock he's been craving most. Enjoy!

Marcus Mojo

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Duke so far is a great bottom! He's very sensual and verbal.

Whatever happened to him? I wish there were more videos of him.
2014-06-27 21:32
2014-04-17 15:09
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