Caught Red Handed

  • : 06-29-2019 |
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Bronson McQueen can't believe that Lance Weber and Dacotah Red would use a random get together at his place to cheat with one another, but when he gets back from the store, he finds them naked and blowing each other on his couch. He wonders what their boyfriends would think if he told them what was going on, and also wonders what they might be able to do to convince him to keep his mouth shut. Lance definitely has some ideas, and Dacotah is already one step ahead of him, pulling Bronson's shorts off and sucking him off. Dacotah doesn't care if there's one more dick in the room, as long as he gets fucked like he wants to, and Lance ensures that his wishes are fulfilled, as he fills up Dacotah's hole with his hard cock. Dacotah sucks Bronson off as Lance gives him the badly needed dick he desires. Lance fucks Dacotah until he can't hold his nut any longer. He pulls out and blasts Dacotah, then breeds his hole and fucks the cum out of him. Dacotah spits his load all over himself as Bronson cums on his face, and as he watches Dacotah lick himself clean, he decides there's no good reason to let this secret out of the bag.Enjoy!

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just delete delete - unbelievable
2019-07-19 14:26
Lovely -  but men have to look like men now, please stop give us boy fronts, with no bush
2019-07-14 13:40
Loved new cummer Lance and Dakota is always a fav. Scene just didn't have any chemistry and was boring. Camera angles not very close up at key moments either.
2019-07-02 12:07
I am a huge Dacotah fan and Lance has much potential, however this scene was a total let down.
2019-07-02 08:57
I happen to love group scenes.  The one "Couples Fix" was really well done and the models were all into each other, checked in with each other throughout and you felt they really wanted to be there.  While Bronson was a reluctant participant, I would have liked to see Lance take a more aggressive stance, including dirty talk to get Bronson more engaged and keep him there.  This just felt like 3 men were told to get on set and fuck.  They really weren't engaged with each other other than physically...either that or somehow their chemistry didn't translate once the scene was edited.
2019-07-01 09:31
Totally agree with you.  I love 3 ways but this one lacked kissing, any real interactions.   It was a very boring, by the numbers sex.  Why do studies think paying for crappy filler is something subscribers want to see.    Are they more concerned about putting out a weekly post than what is good content?
2019-10-11 07:42
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