Cheating Revenge

  • : 07-18-2018 |
  • : 20758
Featuring Connor Halsted, Gunner
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When Connor Halsted finds out his boyfriend is cheating on him with some slut from the internet, he gets mad at first, but quickly decides to get even instead. Locating and setting up a meeting with Gunner was easy, especially when he brags to Connor about how much fucking he does. But experienced or not, Gunner isn't ready for a man unleashed with revenge on his mind, but that's exactly how Connor goes at him. Hungrily, he sucks Gunner's cock before Gunner returns the favor, only to find Connor already rock hard. Connor mounts Gunner and gives him the ride of his life, bouncing up and down on Gunner's cock like a man possessed. Gunner flips him over and fucks him from behind as Connor moans with delight. With both guys ready to cum, Connor flips the script on Gunner and lays him down on his back, shoving his hard on raw into Gunner's hole. Gunner strokes himself as Connor gives him everything he has, fucking the cum out of Gunner before pulling out and covering him with a load of retribution. As Gunner wipes the jizz off, he comments that Connor is the best fuck he's had in years. Enjoy!

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lovely to see Connor's light furry ass filled
2019-07-21 15:41
WOW, WOW two uncut cocks on the same scene. I'm in heaven.
2019-06-22 14:15
I became a fan of Connor when he got into action with Donte Thick. That sturdy guy undressing and exposing his strong thighs, big ass and beautiful, big, curved cock turned me on and got me hard at a once. The same happened when Gunner entered the bathroom to take a shower and found Sean Maygers in the bathtub. Both Gunner and Connor are guys that make my bloom stream quicker and get me hot as hell. Pairing these guys up here form the ultimate ingredients for steaming hot male sex. Both muscular and strong, both with a firm ass, and both sporting delicious big, vascular cocks, and tasty balls, these handsome dudes seem to be very much into each other. They obviously both each other's body, and take full advantage of it. I really love to watch every part of this video and although the start of the story line about cheating a boy friend might be  a bit too often used here and there: with these two hot handsome stallions giving it at the fullest to each other I can get over that pretty easily. Perfect action NDS!
2018-07-23 04:09
For the love of God...please stop with this boyfriend Bullshit...SO not hot. Keep it masculine on the DL.. Such a turn off. WHO is writing  this? Fem guys.
2018-07-22 11:11
You can't go wrong with Gunner in your video.   Then add Connor.   Now you have magic.
2018-07-19 11:32
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