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  • : 02-05-2009 |
  • : 24848
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Dylan McLovin has strayed away from the crowd and is all alone outside with a porno magazine. Enjoying some fresh air and a little stroking of his cock he soon realizes he is not alone. While Dylan has his back turned, Christian Wilde has accidently come across him masturbating.

Christian Wilde is a very easy going guy so he decides to peak over the fence and pull out his fat cock while watching Dylan play with himself. Dylan finally sees Christian and he is somewhat startled but Christian reassures him all is good by sucking on his long shaft. Soon enough they are both sucking and stroking each other. You have to cum and see what happens after these two studs blow hot creamy loads on one another. Enjoy...

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My favorite guys of all time...
2019-10-05 09:12
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