Close Quarters

  • : 04-11-2013 |
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Mario Torrez and Luke Milan have been friends for some time now, regularly hanging out or dining together. Given the time they spend, it comes as no surprise to find out the Luke has a secret crush on his friend, and lately it seems that his urges are becoming more and more pronounced. So while Mario naps one afternoon, Luke wrestles with the decision to make a move on his friend. Apprehensive at first, he subtly begins to play with Mario's legs and feet, before ultimately working his way up to Mario's crotch. Mario wakes up while Luke is mid-perv and Luke is visibly embarrassed, but it quickly turns to excitement when he realizes that Mario enjoys it and he should continue. So he does, pulling off Mario's underwear and taking his cock deep into his mouth. Mario turns the tables on him, returning the the favor and then licking Luke's ass in preparation. Once it's nice and lubed up, Mario shoves his cock inside of Luke as he screams in delight and pleasure. Pumping him from behind, Luke lets out an ecstatic moan as Mario continues to pound him from behind, pulling out to cum only after Luke has already sprayed himself with a jizzbomb that was quite some time in the making.


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Damn that was hot! Bring both of these studs back!!!
2019-06-17 07:37
Luke and Mario are great together. However, two things about Mario: 1. Learn to eat ass (Luke put on a great performance), your tongue needs to get in there and do its job. Yours never really touched Luke's hole. GET LESSONS. 2. Please go to a pro barber and get your "HOT" ass groomed. The hair took so much away from a great ass. And Luke, what can I say, you were great and two huge cocks, one cut and one not, made for a great vid. LOVED IT.
2016-08-09 23:21
Look, I don't know what the hell you guy were thinking - but this vid was F-ing hot and the two guys acting in it were just great, look I know I put you guys down but this was hot, No it did not make me cum. Now if you guys stick to this type of vid you just might be cute for 100% real gays. your membership whould be way up!
2015-11-15 15:56
These types of scenes are when Nextdoor studios is at its best. Mario is an ADONIS and so passionate.
2015-01-17 08:04
some of the best fucking a man could ask for. i'd like to have been in on that one.
2014-08-29 17:55
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