Collegiate Memories

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As he sits in cap and gown after his graduation ceremony, Gabriel Cross reflects on the roller coaster ride that brought him here, specifically, his university romance with Alex Mecum. Gabriel recalls how Alex, then an aspiring professor, learned of Gabriel's intention to drop out, and to his surprise, came running to his room to talk him out of it. What followed is certainly worth recounting, the way Alex took Gabriel into his arms and laid him down on the bed, stripping him bare before commencing to show Gabriel just how fulfilling the college life can be. And though they have since re-created the event many, many times, you always remember the first time vividly, and as Gabriel sits at his desk, he remembers Alex's strong arms caressing him, how secure he felt in Alex's care, and how thoroughly Alex proceeded, touching Gabriel in places he never knew existed, both tender and firm, offering Gabriel a chance to not only redeem his university goals, but to find a companion in the process. He sits back in his chair, recalling every moment, and smiles at the luck fate delivered to both of them.Enjoy!

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The British public school/private school background of Gabriel, in real life, quite frankly gives him the edge to cope with Alex's supreme sexuality. These two guys are extremely  well matched ,nd if there is such a thing as special relationship between the US and GB ,hen we have it here in this superb video !!
2019-01-08 13:14
can i ask...the payment renew automatically?how to stop it
2019-07-06 23:36
So funny reading the comment about Gabriel spitting out Alex's cum. When I saw that, my first thought was " I'd like to see somebody try to get me to spit out Alex's cum." But these two are such a perfect pairing. The only thing I could imagine to improve the scene is them doing a flip-fucking. Thank you NDS!!!
2017-08-23 17:49
What is with Gabriel spitting out Alex's cum in the end.  Horrible.  Man up and swallow the load you priss.
2017-02-26 04:38
Alex is simply as good as it gets! This time Gabe is the lucky beneficiaryand we are all lucky to have Alex fill us full of pleasure. It's quite possible
that Alex is the sexiest man alive. Sure there are sexy straight men but
none sexier than Alex. Just give Alex any scene that he wants and watch
him turn it into pure pleasure especially for the guys who get him and us...
2017-02-22 01:51
Alex Meccum is so hot and has a great smile as well which is always a great bonus. This is one of my favourite scenes at  NDS especially the cum shots.
2017-02-21 09:48
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