Country Boys

  • : 11-02-2012 |
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Marcus Mojo and Brandon Lewis are a couple of simple guys who put in a hard day's work and expect a nice hard reward when they are done. With all the plants watered and tended to, they make their way over to bale some hay. While working, though, they get distracted and decide to take a break. Brandon is sweating from working hard, but Marcus has his mind on other exercise, specifically the bulge in Brandon's pants. Grabbing his friend's package and holding it firmly, Marcus can tell that Brandon would not be opposed, so he unzips Brandon's pants and goes down on him in the hot sun, resting on a bale of hay and stripping out of his clothes, he feels Brandon growing in his mouth. Brandon, always one to give as good as he gets, returns the favor, and before too long, both guys are naked and glistening in the summer heat. Reclining back, Brandon mounts Marcus and spreads his legs as Marcus pumps him from underneath. Brandon strokes his dick as Marcus fucks him and then they switch positions, with Brandon on his knees as Marcus pounds him from behind, before finishing up reclined and stroking off amidst the hay and the heat. Enjoy!

Marcus Mojo

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Cute, but I will not vote on this vid, if I like it or not...I just need some thing to get the 100% gay juices to go and for me to have a hard-on from ????, boy I just want to get off and loose myself in a fantasy so hot and sexy I just can't stop, but I haven't found it yet and I don't think I will...But NDS vids are better then most even if the us bi's and gay for pay, once I find that they are not 100% gay I loose interest in them, and move on, too the next. I hope this holiday I get lucky, for real. Larry Sims. Happy gay Holiday, NDS and Staff Members and yours!
2015-12-20 03:24
What a pair,poetry in motion.
2014-05-17 23:15
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