Cream of the Crop

  • : 02-11-2014 |
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Life of the varsity squad can be stressful...but lots of fun too! Just ask Team Captains, Rex Maddox, Evan Stone, and Dirk Wakefield. They're the coolest, hottest boys on the team this year, that's why they stick together. But when they meet up at Dirk's house after a tough practice, a simple back rub turns into a situation that's bringing them closer than these three ever thought they'd be!

Dirk offers to massage Evan's sore shoulders, and Evan gladly accepts. Rex chimes in, of course, asking when he'll get a turn from strong-handed Dirk. Dirk's happy to rub Rex too, but he has no idea the type of massage Rex has in mind! When Rex pops his hard cock out of his shorts, Dirk gets the picture quick! He has no problem planting his 'twolips' in Rex's garden! And while Dirk works on Rex's stiffy, Evan is enjoying Rex's mouth. Rex can't believe he's getting a mouthful of dick from one of his best friends, but why not?! Dirk knows how to suck properly, but he wants the other boys to share his own fat dong. So Evan and Rex take turns slurping his behemoth cock. Then the two boys get on their knees simultaneously to serve Dirk both dicks at once. Dirk can't decide which thick, meaty erection feels better in his mouth! It's not long before Evan offers his tight asshole to Dirk for fucking. Dirk doesn't hesitate to slide his pulsating cock into his pal and repeatedly slam him hard. Evan takes it well, slobbering and slurping on Rex's bulging boner all the while. Rex decides he wants to be pounded too. He lets Evan dip his hard-on into his mouth, while Dirk fucks his sweet hole. Before it's all over, watch these hot, rambunctious guys erupt in hot, creamy delight.


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I also didn't think that they were fem. Ironically, Dirk the longest hair one who was closest to looking fem was in fact the one who topped both of his buddies. I thought it was very hot when Rex, the tallest and butchest looking of the three, took his buddies' dicks simultaneously on both ends. I also liked the overall concept of three high school athletes getting it on with each other after a tough practice. As a former high school jock, I only wished it had happened to me. My only criticism is the cum shot ending of the three models jacking themselves off. I would have prefered the last one to bottom to cum while being fucked, and the other two to cum on his face, preferably with his mouth open. Overall a very good video.
2014-05-10 23:56
I didn't think they were fem. Three Guys who liked each other lots and showed it. Much prefer this type of vid than the 'throwing each other about' ones. And nice to see a gay porn where they start off clothed and slowly reveal themselves rather than stark bollock naked shagging away.
2014-04-05 12:01
These guys were way too fem for the plot I just read. They sound fem, act fem, and don't look like they are on varsity anything. Twink doesn't mean fem. If guys are fem WHY would you cast them? Turned it off as soon as they started talking.
2014-03-23 17:06
I want to suck all their dicks at once. I want them to give me a golden shower and put piss in a glass from all three of them, each one piss in their glasses so i can drink it. I also want to lick them all over especially their asses. I want to lick their armpits,asses, balls, and feet and toes. I want to swallow their creamy boy juice and have them all fuck me up the ass.
2014-03-03 23:00
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