Crush Comfort

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When Sean Maygers agrees to house sit for Dalton Riley, he didn't expect to immediately find a picture of himself stashed in the cushions of Dalton's sofa. Pulling it out, he confronts Dalton, and Dalton tells him he may have a little bit of a crush on Sean. Sean is weirded out at first, but Dalton convinces him to stick around and see what happens. Sean is hesitant, but when Dalton wraps his lips around Sean's cock and gets him instantly hard, Sean agrees that staying is probably in his best interest. It proves to be a wise decision, as Dalton proceeds to show Sean the time of his life, first by giving up the ass and letting Sean have his way, then by flipping Sean over and fucking his brains out. Sean has never taken a dick before, and Dalton is careful not to bang him out too hard his first time, but by the time they switch positions from riding to missionary, Sean has transformed into a bona fide cock pig, telling Dalton to pound him. Dalton does as Sean instructs, and Sean nuts all over himself, releasing both his inhibitions and his creamy load all in one fell swoop. Enjoy!

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Sorry - awful shaved inked models
2019-07-22 15:09
I've almost never seen a guy as hot as Sean. He's a god.
2018-08-13 00:25
Sean is such a masculine guy, and the fact that he loves getting fucked is such a turn on.
2018-06-23 15:45
I want to see a scene where Sean gets fuck only, good doggy with back arched and riding a big dick (no reverse)  I love this guy.
2018-06-22 22:35
I have enjoyed both models in a variety of scenes, and both are among my many "types", but there is 0 chemistry between these two (a frequent fault of NDR and NDS in general).  At least Sean stays hard, which I imagine he would do if he was fucking a fence post.   Hey, that's an idea.......  Totally uninspiring scene, with the other 50%--no, 75%-- of the fault in the direction.  NDR: "raw" is not enough!  We need sensual and sexy!  I felt like I was watching an educational film from the 50's about the mating habits of the North American ground squirrel; this scene could not have been drier and more uninteresting.  I don't think I could be aroused enough to blow my load watching this if I were my 14-year-old, horned-up, jacking-off-4-times-a-day self!  I guess I have made my point....
2018-06-22 11:11
Totally agree!
2018-06-22 22:44
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