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When Seth Knight comes home from the grocery store and finds his man in the bedroom stroking himself to porn, he gets pissed, telling Princeton Price he should be doing that with him, quickly falling onto the bed next to Princeton and taking his cock into his mouth. Princeton has to admit the upgrade is much better, and so he sets down his phone and pushes Seth's head down deeper onto his hard dick. Seth gags on Princeton's cock before coming up to kiss him.'See, isn't that much better?' he asks, and Princeton nods, making his way down Seth's body and returning the favor as Seth's cock perks up and grows inside his mouth. Seth moans as Princeton slobbers all over his dick, before bending over and letting Seth have his way with him. Seth slides his cock deep inside Princeton's hole, fucking him slowly at first, before picking up the pace as Princeton fondles himself below. Seth fucks him from behind before letting Princeton mount up and ride him reverse. He watches Princeton's ass bounce up and down, but what he really wants is to feel Princeton inside of him, so they switch positions and Princeton grants his wish. He pounds Seth until they are both ready to explode. Seth grabs his dick and strokes himself, shooting his load all over his stomach as Princeton pulls out and blasts him with a giant stream of jizz that puddles all over Seth's body. Enjoy!

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I remember Seth Knight when he was starting in the porn business.  It is difficult for me to see that same person in the visage of this mature version of that young actor.  I lost track of him, thinking he'd left the business.  Now I find him on this site, and very much different.  But I would agree we all change with time, although Seth looks transformed in so many ways it is difficult for me to see the younger man in the mature one.  One thing I notice is, besides all the new tatts, is a kind hardness to his demeanor that is strikingly different.  I realize he is an actor, who can affect what ever he might wish to create, but it puts a lot of distance between my recollection and the present affectations.
2019-10-02 02:16
Appreciate the body hair that has been left, just wish it would have been more
2019-07-20 07:44
Small dick time ?
2019-02-07 21:11
So glad to see Princeton Price in another scene!  He is so hot!
2019-01-19 11:11
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