Deep Dick Therapy

  • : 07-06-2019 |
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Featuring Aspen, Jamie Steel
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Bored with their mundane sex life, Aspen suggests he and partner Jamie Steel try something a little more adventurous, as suggested by their therapist. It seems Aspen has a bit of a domination fetish that he's not indulging, and it's having an effect on his overall happiness. Aspen has gone ahead and taken the liberty of ordering some toys for the two of them, and he anticipates an experience that is much more in his wheelhouse. What he didn't envision was how much Jamie would enjoy being the sub, but as Aspen spanks away and chokes Jamie's throat with his hard on, Jamie just gets rock hard and begs for more. Aspen could really get into this sort of partner, and he shows it by giving Jamie the hardest fuck of his life. Jamie returns the favor by letting Aspen do whatever he wants with him, and the two of them are both surprised by how much it turns them on, as evidenced by the huge loads they both shoot. Looks like this won't be the last rough encounter between the two of them.Enjoy!

Next Door Raw

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You came close to perfection when Aspen pulled down Jamie's pants and went to work on his ass. Missed the chance to get the camera over Aspen's shoulder so WE got a good look at that perfect ass. The buttcheek chewing was surprisingly erotic. I fetishize asses and holes, especially smooth, tight, young ones like Jamie's -- and always hope for more imaginative and comprehensive camera work.
2021-12-27 13:59
Let's Put the Next Door back in NextDoor!
Less tattoos, and build up that ass a bit if it is the centerpiece of the foreplay! Get your bubble butt on, "Jamie"! Yet, how can one not love "Jamie" with that sincere smile? Oh, what a treasure to come home to! Some couples can be so blessed, and they do not even realize it and go having threesomes and cheating and opening up their bedroom to the point where they are just roommates with benefits -all to look for something that is right there all the while.
2020-01-21 06:50
Love Aspen, great too see bare-backing again, sorry but I hate shaved arses, I wish this would just stop, and we see men how they should be
2019-07-14 12:13
Thank you NDS for a little spanking ! That is right up my alley. Would have liked to see a little more red cheeks on Jaime but he has such a beautiful ass and hole that made up for it. Aspen has a beautiful ass as well and think both are great additions.
2019-07-10 08:45
From the stillframe at first I thought Johnny Reily was back and I got really excited.
2019-07-09 01:21
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