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Featuring Rod Daily, Silas O'Hara
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From the most vile, heinous corner of Hell comes forth an ancient demon who has preferred not to be disturbed. But when just the right incantation is uttered from the mouth of curious young Silas O'Hara, the demon whose name is Rod Daily is summoned!

Silas is chanting from an old book he bought at a wizard's garage sale last week. The old wizard warned Silas about this one, particular ritual, telling him the fabled demon Rod Daily would be loosed on the earth and seek to stuff his demon cock into the first tight asshole he should find. Silas was doubtful but speculative. When his curiosity gets the better of him, prepare for the damned creature's hellish wrath! Watch Silas suck demon Rod's evil dick before being pounded furiously by the fanged beast. But don't look directly into Rod's soulless eyes. Or he'll tear YOUR ass apart next!


Rod Daily

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1 comment

I miss Rod.... it's just sad what happen to him ;( hope he is doing well
2016-04-23 00:58
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