Denny & Jake

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  • : 03-07-2007 |
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Featuring Denny, Jake
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Denny and Jake have just shown back up at the house, when all of a sudden, Jake gets the idea that they should check out some new porn to get them in the mode to go out and get some girls for the evening.

They both start touching themselves, and before long their clothes come off and these two studs are stroking their hard cocks right next to each other.

Denny proclaims that his cock 'isn't going to suck itself'; obviously implying that Jake better get on his knees and service his buddy. Denny then shoves his hard on into Jakes mouth, making him pucker and suck it like a lollipop.After his jaw starts to tire, Jake says enough, and tells Denny he better return the favor. Denny is a good friend, and returns the favor.

To finish off, they return to their original positions on the couch and both shoot decent sized loads. Denny lets us know that you 'gotta love your own flavor' after tasting his own warm cum.

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