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  • : 03-07-2007 |
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Featuring Denny, Tim
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Denny's been hanging around the house for a while now, so he's gotten to know all of the local guys pretty good.

Today, Denny is kicking back with Tim, our straight stud that has a fetish for getting pounded. We can occasionally talk him into doing some non-anal gay scenes, like this one.

So the pair is watching some mid-day TV when Denny decides to ask his buddy if he's down to watch a little porn and get off before they go out partying that night. Tim doesn't care, so they strip down and start getting their dicks hard.

Tim gets bored stroking his own pole, so he casually reaches over and starts pawing Denny's cock. This gets Denny really into the porn; he doesn't want his friend to feel left out, so he lends a hand to him.

After the two stroke each other for a bit, they move on to more...oral things.This gets the two really hot and ready to blow, so Tim lets loose onto his stomach, drenching himself. Denny likes to make big puddles of cum for our cameraman to clean up, so he drops his load onto Tim's stomach also, making the goo pool up, and run onto the floor. Thanks guys!


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