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  • : 03-28-2007 |
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Featuring Denny, Tim
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Even though Tim prefers girls, he still likes the feelings of a stiff dick pounding his ass; and for this week, Tim has decided to snag Denny to be the pounder.

Tim has never felt Denny inside of him, but from the looks of it, Tim will be coming back for seconds.Tim comes into the room while Denny's watching some porn. Denny didn't get laid the night before, so he's releasing some pressure on the couch. When Tim asks him if he'd want to fuck his ass, Denny pauses...then says, sure...why not, I'm already horny and naked.

That's the spirit, Denny!

So the two start off on the quest for cum. Tim taking Denny's already hard cock into his mouth, sucking and tugging on it. Denny returns the favor, but is eager to bury himself balls deep into his friend's warm and tight ass. After hitting it from a few different angles, the pressure is just too much, and Tim lets loose stream after stream of thick jism all over himself while his buddy is still pounding his hole. Denny follows suite and jerks himself to completion into the same puddle Tim left. Dessert anyone?


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